About IAVM

The Trained Crowd Manager course is intended to train candidates who will serve, in accordance with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, as crowd managers within large public assembly venues. There are two phases of training for the crowd manager. The first phase is delivered via a self-paced, web-based, training platform that may be completed at the convenience of the prospective crowd manager. The second phase of training is delivered by the venue and will, in practice, most likely be delivered to large groups of crowd managers at the venue’s convenience.

The phase two training, as currently envisioned, will be combined with the venue’s standard annual or pre-season, venue-specific, guest services training and is not intended to significantly increase the annual training requirements for each venue.  It is entirely possible, and expected, that some crowd managers will, after successfully completing the phase one training, complete phase two training at many venues in order to expand their employment opportunities.

Phase One: (6 hours / self-paced)

  1. Role and responsibilities of the crowd manager
  2. Understanding hazards that can endanger public assembly
  3. Understanding and managing crowds
  4. Introduction to fire safety and fire safety equipment
  5. Understanding methods of evacuation and movement
  6. Historical case-study analysis
  7. Assessment and verification

Phase Two: (2 hours)

  1. Introduction to the venue
  2. Understanding venue services, policies and procedures
  3. Understanding the venue’s emergency response and evacuation plan and shelter-in-place procedures.
  4. Venue familiarization and guest services training
  5. Assessment and verification

Phase Two Outline for Venue Specific Training