About IAVM

It is hard to imagine life in America without crowds.  Concerts, athletic events, conventions, theater productions, shopping centers, night clubs, movies and other public assembly venues are woven throughout the fabric of American life.   Most people never really stop to consider the subject of crowds until tragedy strikes.  Unfortunately, as you will learn in this course, there have been a number of incidents in which people within crowds were seriously injured or killed because they were unable to reach safety.  The National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, is an organization dedicated to improving the safety of crowds within large public assembly venues.  NFPA has long realized that crowds are often unfamiliar with their surroundings and if someone was there to help guide people to safety more people would survive.  This is the job of the crowd manager and this course is designed to train you to be a crowd manager. 

The IAVM Trained Crowd Manager, or TCM, is the first course for crowd managers to be endorsed by the NFPA.  The TCM course will give you the skills you need to help guide people to safety in an emergency.  The responsibilities of the crowd manager may be conferred upon various employees employed by a venue and are not necessarily limited to security, ushers, or other employees traditionally associated with crowd control. The TCM Program is designed to equip these crowd managers through a standardized certificate program which is comprised of two phases:

Phase One: The first part of the TCM course is a self-paced, web-based program of computer based training.  Most people complete Phase One in about six hours.  To get started you will click on the “Get Started” at the top of the TCM homepage, register as a student, and begin the course.  Phase One has four modules: 

  • Module 1: Introduction and Administration
  • Module 2: Risks and Remedies
  • Module 3: Crowd Movement
  • Module 4: Moving People with Disabilities

The web-based training will begin with some administration items and a pre-course assessment that allows you to get a feel for your knowledge on the subject.  Module 2 will introduce you to the risks that may present themselves within public assembly venues and the life safety equipment and other safety measures that help mitigate these risks.  In Module 3 you will learn about different types of crowds and the fundamentals of emergency and non-emergency crowd movement.  And finally, in Module 4 you will be introduced to different methods for assisting people with disabilities in an emergency.  To earn your certificate you must successfully complete a 60 question, multiple choice, post course assessment.  Once you pass this test you will be able to save and print a completion certificate.  With the certificate in hand you can proceed to the second phase of the TCM course.

Phase Two:  The second phase of the TCM course is all about the specific venue where you will serve as a crowd manager.  No two nightclubs, shopping malls, or sports stadiums are the same.  This is why Phase Two of the TCM program is so important.  Phase Two allows the student to apply the general knowledge presented in the web-based course (Phase One) to a specific venue.  Phase Two training will vary from venue to venue but takes a little more than two hours to complete.  It is important to understand that Phase Two training must be completed for each venue where you serve as a crowd manager.  So, while every crowd manager completes Phase One, those crowd managers that serve in multiple venues will complete several different versions of the Phase Two (venue-specific) training.  Phase Two is comprised of three modules:

  • Module A:  Venue familiarization
  • Module B:  Venue emergency plans and procedures
  • Module C:  Venue knowledge assessment

Phase Two will be different for each venue but will always begin by familiarizing you with the venue and its policies and procedures.  In Module B, you will learn specific details about the venue’s emergency plans and procedures so that you, as a crowd manager, are able to direct people to safety in accordance with the venue’s plan.  Finally, to activate your certificate, you must successfully complete a 25 question, multiple-choice, post course assessment about the venue’s emergency procedures.  Once you successfully complete this assessment the venue administrator will sign the certificate you brought to the venue and you are ready for work. 

As a trained crowd manager you will have access to this web portal and may review information, continue your education, and update your skills.  This is important, because as a trained crowd manager you are the most important piece of safety equipment in the crowd.